French Espadrilles

I recently drove up to St Laurent de Cerdans, the small village in the Pyrenees near the frontier with Spain, to visit the little local museum again. It was there I first began to think about the war in this region, back in 1994 on a first visit with my mother and sister.   St Laurent de Cerdans is most celebrated now  for the fabric and espadrilles it produces, gorgeous striped strong cotton which makes amazing curtains, table cloths and napkins that last forever. The colours are so bright and luscious – see-  

Sadly the espadrille factory had closed down when we were last there, unable to compete with Chinese imports, but this time I was thrilled to find that two young women had re-opened it, and were making both traditional espadrilles, and a range of colourful modern versions.  Bon courage!

One thought on “French Espadrilles

  1. Miss Mojito, Further evidence of the calssic appeal of the espadrille: I have a pair of espadrilles (with red cloth straps, similar to the Charles David Yell but not as high) that were my mom’s, from almost 30 years ago! And, I would be wearing them today, if they weren’t a little worse for the wear. I really like the lace-up styling, but never quite sure how to wear them and what to wear them with. What will you wear yours with?

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