My Europe feels like a mirage…

The Louvre June 2016
The Louvre June 2016

My Europe feels like a mirage….

We visit Paris for the Beat Generation show at the Pompidou. Miles wrote much of the catalogue but is disappointed in the show- see his own blog at

But we loved Monet’s waterlilies at l’Orangerie

Miles and Monet's waterlilies
Miles and Monet’s waterlilies

And the Apollinaire exhibition- I became fascinated by Apollinaire’s mum- she was a single mother who carted him round Europe, ending up in the Paris artistic demi-monde. Was it her influence, or the absence of a father that created such an original character?

And then I asked for the moon…and I got it!
June 21st was the Fete de la Musique when all of Paris dances the night away.  It was the Strawberry moon- and also the first time since 1967 that the full moon had coincided with the summer solstice. I so wanted to see it but the night was cloudy…then as we listened to jazz in Montmartre late into the night the moon rose down the street, for a moment a full luminous globe. Somehow that has to be good, yes?